writing on the wall

you work until the writing is on the wall.  that is how you go about your business.  do not panic.  do not hesitate.  do not fret.  do not 2nd guess.  do not try to assume.  just keep working with your head down and wait for things to tick up or until you see the writing on the wall.  you need to remain calm throughout this process.  don’t stay too long, but don’t leave too soon.  take the emotion out of the work.  don’t get spooked by the behaviors of others.  just keep plugging along, doing the best that you can do, doing the best that you know how to do.  don’t take your foot off the gas because you are in fear – that would be a mistake.  this is a test to see how long you can keep going regardless of the actions of others.  you will know when the time has come.  you will know when the writing is on the wall.  you can take action then and you can prepare for that action when the first signs appear.  this is a good policy to follow.  it will keep you from making rash decisions.  if you wait until you start to see the writing, then you will always be on the right path.  don’t let them take your work ethic, your pride, your dignity, your upbringing away – always maintain your demeanor and always be true to yourself.