the last moment

we spend our whole lives preparing  for that split-second moment before we take our last breath.  for it is at that moment when we realize if we have lived a fulfilling life.  we will then know that it is okay to say “goodbye” to this world and “hello” to the next.  we will know that we tried to live life to the fullest, to go after every challenge, to take risks to succeed, to set goals and go after them, to be true to one’s self no matter what and to be true to one’s closest companions.  every event in our lives is measured in that last moment, when we ultimately discover if we have lived life to the fullest or not.  it is at that moment when you will smile or not, when the person who finds you, finds you with a smile or not, when that person will tell others:  “At least he died with a smile on his face”–it is all for the smile –for the smile tells it all –one gesture expresses a lifetime of events