short temper

why do people have a short temper?  it happens to me all the time, especially with the kids.  who do i think i am to get upset so quickly with my kids, with my co-workers, with my neighbors, with even my friends and my family.  is it because this is a reflection of my own frustrations within my own expectations of my life?  i should be happy.  life is not bad at all. (knock-knock) and yet i still go off the handle for no big deal.  i think this is a sign of my immaturity.  i do try to remain calm, not blab so much.  but i do get hyper and excited about things –mostly for good things happening.  but then i snap in the negative too.  i start to label people –see them as hypocrites –not practicing what they preach, etc.  i should not judge so much.  i should not think so much.  i should not control so much.  i should stop expecting so much from others.  i should just be.  this is a hard way to learn, especially if it goes against your own nature.  it will come with age –that is why older folks are so mellow.  they don’t see the point in going off the handle anymore –it only leads to negativity.  the trick is to learn this before you get too old –so that you can benefit from your early evolution.  so that you can leave a positive impression on the lives of the ones you care about.  yes, evolve sooner.