being famous

i think i am reaching a tipping point with this whole famous thing.  i don’t mean tipping point with becoming famous –i mean tipping point in that i think it really is a bunch of BS.  everyone points to famous people and say –wow –look what they have done.  but the reality is these are only a few people in the grand scheme.  we say they are successful, we say they are remarkable, we say they are special.  it is the “we” –the everyone else, that puts them there. why?  we don’t think we could ever do that?  we don’t think that we matter?  we don’t think that what we do is important?  this is the problem with society today.  we focus on these few individuals when we should be focusing on everyone else in the world.  we should focus on the people that fight the wars or the folks that build hospitals and houses or the teachers that help the kids or the individuals that build the roads or pick up the trash.  the point is — it is time to stop the idolization madness that began long ago –and start looking at the people of this world that actually keep things on track.  it is the everyman or the everywoman –it is time history knows about them and what they did in their daily lives to make a difference in this world.  enough of this preaching to the famous BS.