stop recording my life

facebook!  who gave you permission to record my life?  who are you?  how did you get involved in my life?  you act as a meeting place where friends and family can gather.  you put up the front of being a familiar place -like my old high school, my old neighborhood, my old house –so very comfortable and soothing.  this is all a front to record my life and pull me in to present my life to my friends and family–but also to you.  you are watching my every move.  you are recording my every moment.  you are now in my life and are actually recording my life.  stop recording my life.  you should not be recording my life.  who gave you permission?  because i use your platform to talk to friends, you think you can take my data and record it back to me.  i will record my own life and i will leave my own mark the way i want to leave it.  i will not conform the story of my life to your parameters.  where is the button to turn off this “timeline” thing?  this is your master plan.  gather, gather, gather –then publish my life and billions of others.  get out of our lives and stop recording now — pause the program.