good judgement

good judgement is hard to come by in life.  many times when you are young, you practice bad judgement.  i’m not talking about the major gut decisions.  i’m talking about should you drink and then drive.  or should you jump off that cliff on you vacation in Greece.  or should you cross the highway at night.  these types of judgement calls can often mean life or death.  and many times, they come when your mind is not right–under a few drinks, maybe.  and if this is the case–it is hard to make the right call –dash across the street or wait until it is absolutely clear?  if you are sober, you can make this call calmly.  taking the drink out of the equation –you need to make sure you make the right judgement calls where an accident can easily occur with the wrong call.  the reality is –yeah you can end your life with the wrong call -but when you are gone, you won’t even know it –you will only know that last minute right after you make the wrong call –the “oh shit” moment.  you won’t feel anything after that.  what you will screw up is what you could done with your life and how you hurt the people you left behind.  they are the ones hurting.  they are the ones who get screwed if you make the bad judgement call.  much of life is luck–no doubt.  but, you can help steer that luck in your direction with just 1 or 2 good judgement calls.  make the good call –it’s easy.