the long view

this is not about the short view –this is about the long view.  you have to learn to take the long view when looking at your life in the present moment and when making decisions in the here and now.  if you do not see the long view when you make a judgement now, then your view of the present world and your place in it will be off base.  when you say something, you obviously don’t want to over-analyze it, but of course this will happen naturally –so try to keep the analysis to a minimum.  you have to think about life as a series of steps and building blocks –whether it be you building the blocks for yourself or if you are building the blocks for your kids –you need to think in the long view when taking these steps.  you cannot get frustrated when looking at life in the short view–though you will inevitably go down this path of frustration when looking at the short view too much–which is, in essence, moving through the moments of each day.  each moment can bring on some sort of anxiety because you see an issue and you first see this issue in the short view –how will this moment of anxiety affect me now, today, tonight, tomorrow –all in the short view.  obviously we cannot control this reaction because we have to live each day through these moments of anxiety.  but after we react to the moment in the short view–it is wise to then take that moment and reflect it against the long view–this will help put the continuous moments of anxiety in perspective–thus making these moments less important in the grand scheme of things.  most of us can do this naturally, but most of also get lost in short view moments of anxiety –it is a dilemma that is part of human nature.  think long view more often to help remedy this human flaw.