it doesn’t matter

so don’t sweat it.  sometimes you debate what you are going to do today or what choice you have to make or what decision you have to make.  but it doesn’t matter because whatever you are supposed to do will happen exactly the way it is supposed to happen.  in other words – you already know what you are going to do or what decision you are going to make – these things have already been decided by you and your gut.  when you hear about an event and you start to think about if you will go – the second you hear about it – you have instantaneously made your decision.  your gut already knows yes or no – and you immediately know yes or no – you hear the answer in the back of your mind – but most of the time you blow right past it and you start debating yes or no – you go through this whole drawn out process – should i go or should i not go.  stop stressing on these decisions because your gut already gave you the answer – so just take that answer and don’t sweat the results because your gut knows what is the right choice and what is the wrong choice.  and by knowing this simple fact – you will save yourself unnecessary stress in life – and you will worry less about 1 more area in your life -and you will soon know that what you miss or what others think about your choices doesn’t matter in life.  what matters is what is in front of you right here and right now – and who the important people are in your life -and the time you spend with them – because at the end of the day and at the end of your life – that’s all you got and that’s all you ever really had.