run and think

every day has its challenges.  and though these issues are not very serious most of the time –they do affect your mind and your mood of the moment.  they can cause you to lash out at your loved ones.  they can cause you to be depressed.  they can cause you to think everything is hopeless.  they can cause you to think you are getting nowhere.  but what can often help is a run or a bike ride to get your mind straight.  this won’t wash your troubles away –but it will help you to overcome the momentary lapse into depression.  when you start the run, for example, you mind is searching for a topic to think about and oftentimes your thoughts of worry will surface first.  this is very similar to waking up in the middle of the night –your thoughts go right to worry.  the difference is the time of day.  you have more control of your worries in the daytime.  once you latch on to the thoughts at the start of the run –you are still in the area of worry.  but as the run progresses, you shift away from the worry and start to think about the resolution to this worry.  your mind strengthens and you gain back your usual confidence.  you then see that this worry is not that bad –it is not life threatening or life changing.  you can bounce back with the positive thoughts.  you can see the light.  so next time you are worried –go run and think.