a funny thing happened at a party the other night –I was one of the first to leave.  sure, i was still having fun, and sure, i still had a buzz –but when i announced to the usual crew i’m checking out for the night –the folks were shocked.  what happened to the usual party guy?   the one that has been kicking it up the latest at parties for 20 years.  i realized that i wasn’t 20 anymore.  i realized that i don’t need to be the last to leave a party.  i can have fun to a point and not drink past the memory limit.  i can start to live in moderation from all aspects.  i have most of the other areas down for moderation –and just needed to dial down this area too.  can i still hit the high notes once in awhile –sure.  but i need to pull back a bit.  i need to be more moderate in this area–or it will bite me in the ass when i get older –it could shorten my life a bit –not good.  it is a new year –and i am going to practice moderation more–in all areas –drink, finance, spending, etc