are everything.  they are the foundation of human interaction.  to have good manners is to be already ahead of the pack.  you must say thank you and you must say please.  you must be courteous and grateful.  you must be self-deprecating and you must be humble and you must be patient -and you must try to listen to others when they speak and you must ask questions to show your interest in others.  you must know the proper table manners and you must know the proper conversation manners.  you must not curse too much – but a little at the right time is ok.  you can get very far on just manners alone.  but the best way to get these manners is from your parents.  if they know what manners are all about and they enforce them over and over – then you will be good.  if you don’t learn manners from your parents, then you must first know that your manners are bad and then must do something about it.  self-awareness is key if you are behind in the manners area.  some people do get through life well without manners.  they push their way through life and people with manners sometimes step aside to let these bulls push through life – and oftentimes these bulls go far and reach great heights – and having manners have nothing to do with their success or station in life.  but, they know deep inside because they were never taught manners by their parents, they must just take what they can in life – they have no choice.  but if you are fortunate to have been taught manners in life, then you must pass the manners process down to the next generation so that civilized people can continue to inhabit the earth – so that we do not become a society run by bulls.  you will be even more ready to say good-bye if you know that you did it with class and left no door unopened and no thank left unsaid.