it is very interesting how one comes about learning to forgive.  i think our first instinct is not to forgive.  you wronged me and i won’t forgive you.  i gave you my trust and your threw it away.  why should i forgive you if you did this to me.  an eye for an eye is what we live by in our society.  i am going to turn my back on you.  i am going to forget all about you.  you are dead to me.  i will go on with my life without you.  if it is not a true friend or family, then this is not a big deal to move on.  but if it is a true friend or a family member, then you must seek the path of forgiveness.  it is only during this exploration of what it means to forgive that you actually begin to become enlightened by the power of forgiveness.  deep down we want to forgive and move forward.  but our pride pushes against this concept of forgiveness.  however when you realize that forgiveness is more about you –this is when a change occurs.  look –as individuals we want to find comfort for ourselves.  by forgiving you are finding comfort for yourself.  it is true –forgiveness does free the soul.  when you forgive, you free yourself from worrying about how you were wronged.  you are free to move on and preserve the relationship.  try it –it works.  it is the only way you will lead an unburdened life.