Election 2016

November 9, 2016

To My Girls,

I know you must be confused with the election results that has put Donald Trump into the White House.  I know that you did not like the things that Trump has said about women and other groups.  I too did not like these things he said.  I was confused by what to do and who to vote for in this election.  I was also confused by the results of the election.  Why did a man like Donald Trump get elected to be President?  Many Americans are asking this question today.  The answer is not a simple one, but one can begin to understand why change occurs in society.  Change occurs in a democratic society because people are not happy with the current state of affairs – in their own lives and in the country.  When enough people are not happy, change will occur.  This is what happened in this election.  People wanted change.

There is at least one thing you can be proud of in this election.  You had the first female presidential nominee in American history – and this is a powerful statement to all women and girls in America.  It tells women and girls of America that it is possible for a woman to rise up and take on the male dominated arena of politics.  It is possible for a woman to one day lead this country.  With this election, women have taken a big step towards being in the White House.  Even though a woman did not get elected to be President this time – a woman did get nominated by a major party to run for President.  This is a big step, and one day a woman will take the final step into the White House.  You can feel proud and more confident as you grow up in this world.

We must now do the right thing and stand behind the person elected President, even if we do not agree with all of what they stand for and what they have said in the past.  As Americans, we must come together and support this new President – this is the way of democracy.  We must support our President and have hope that he will do the right thing for all Americans.  This is our only choice now because we must respect what the people have decided.  This is the American way.  If we do not follow the American way, then we abandon all that America stands for from the very first day that George Washington took office.  We must stand together now.  We must come together and support our new President.