catch the next train

we are all on trains – slow trains and fast trains – trains for health, trains for family, trains for vacations, trains for friends – some trains last forever, some trains stop. a very important train is the job train – for each job you have, you are on a train. some job trains last a whole career, some last 10 years, some last 5 years, some last 2 years, etc. the trick is to not get stuck on a job train when it stops – that means you are out of a job and you are not on the next train. that is why we must keep an eye on the current job train that we are on – we must see how fast the train is going – a fast train means you are moving up the ladder at a faster than normal rate and the job is very exciting with no time to waste – a good pace train means all is going well – but a slow train or a train that is slowing down means “watch out!” – you might get stuck on a stopped train. this is when you need to think about catching the next job train. start looking down the tracks for other trains and get ready to catch the next train if needed – be prepared to jump! – same analogy of a frog looking for the next lily pad – you need a place to land – and you need to get on a faster moving train. that slow train might start to pick up speed again – so you might not have to jump – but always be prepared – as they say.