hitting someone

you must never hit someone when it is not in the case of self defense.  for self defense – after you have been hit by someone – you do have a right to hit back and defend yourself.  but to hit someone when not provoked physically is not acceptable in a civilized society.  this you must learn when you are young.  this concept must be enforced by your parents.  do not hit people.  men often are the ones who hit other men first – and sometimes they hit women – all unacceptable.  also unacceptable is when a woman hits another woman or man first – unprovoked.  you must not hit anyone.  you must not allow verbal provocation to cause you to lash out physically against someone.  this is crossing a line you should never cross.  this action does not have any rational explanation.  this action should shock a civilized person.  everyone thinks about physical action sometimes -but you must not act on these thoughts.  do not hit someone.  do not get physical.  this is unacceptable and can cause great alarm to friends and family.  seek professional help to get you out of this very bad area.