don’t overanalyze

don’t overanalyze the relationships that you are in – especially your main relationship with your wife, husband, significant other.  if you overanalyze every little thing that is said or every little thing that happens in the relationship – then you will not have that relationship much longer.  so often we wear down the people we love with continuous analyzation – this happens all the time and it leads to many break-ups.  the other person is there because you love them and they love you – for who you are and for who they are.  they are not there for you to analyze them.  yes, you can question things.  yes, you can disagree.  yes, you can dispute things.  but, no, you cannot analyze them over and over.  you cannot analyze everything they say and do.  this is not the way a relationship should be.  stop overanalyzing them right now – or the end will come.  they put up with your continuous analyzation because they love you.  but one day they will take no more and it will be over.  stop yourself from asking too many questions and from overanalyzing everything.  stop yourself.  don’t overanalyze.