no certainty

there is no certainty that you will be alive tomorrow.  we all know this, but we don’t think about this concept all the time.  we don’t dwell on the fact that we will all die at some point in the future.  and why would you dwell on this.  you wouldn’t and you shouldn’t.  but we are reminded on a regular basis that people die all of the time.  and as we grow older and as we know more people directly or indirectly – we will know more and more people who will die.  we wake up some days and are slapped in the face with another death of someone we know.  it is especially a shock if that person is younger.  if that person is a child or teenager or even in their 20’s, 30’s, 40’s – it is a grave shock that we can barely comprehend.  we don’t know why this would happen or how it could happen – but it happens and it will never stop happening.  you might go awhile between deaths, but they will eventually come again.  all we can do is pray for the family affected and pray that it will not happen to your family.  but we ultimately have no control over when it will happen.  this is why we have to live for now.  we have to look long and hard at our loved ones.  we have to take it all in.  we have to try and pause the present.  we have to let things go.  we have to forgive.  we have to stop fighting.  we have to enjoy each other.  we have to do this and we have to do that.  we have to just be.  we have to move on and move forward.  we have to stop analyzing everything.  we have to be thankful for what we have and not be jealous of what others have.  we have to be comfortable in our own skin.  stop thinking so much and just live.  another death will come and you must think about living your life now – because one day someone will hear about your death.  live for what you have now.  that is all you have or will ever have.  now.