do these things

you don’t want to do something but you must.  you are asked to do these things for a reason.  these are challenges put in your way to overcome – it is as simple as that.  whether it is a social occasion or a work event – you must go ahead and do these things.  it is your destiny to do these things.  your destiny knows what you must do to grow.  you might be hesitant and start to reject the notion of doing this thing.  but you are meant to do this thing, to go to this event, to meet these people – so that you can evolve, expand, grow.  it is easy to say no.  it is easy to stay away.  it is easy to stay home. it is easy to be comfortable.  you must not always take the easy choice.  you must go ahead and do this thing.  it is because you do not want to do this thing, that this thing was put in your way to do.  that is the logic of life.  you don’t want to do it, so life makes you do it.  this fact is inevitable.  the only thing you have to decide is that you will do it.  so when you don’t want to do something – you will soon be faced with the opportunity to do this thing.  you will then need to choose to do this thing.  and when you choose to do this thing, go to this event, meet these people – you will then evolve.