be calm

always.  being calm is a state of mind.  being calm is a way of life.  being calm is one of the hardest things to master in life.  one might never reach a state of complete calmness, but one should always strive to reach this state.  even when you are striving you will practice being more calm.  to remain calm under all circumstances is to allow the events play out in life they way they are meant to be played out.  to remain calm is to admit that your destiny is already planned and that to remain anything but calm is a mistake that you must try to correct.  you must be calm in the storms of life.  no matter what goes on around you, no matter how hopeless things can seem, no matter if you appear to be going nowhere, no matter if you doubt what you are doing, no matter if you don’t understand why things are happening or not happening the way you thought they would happen – you must remain calm.  you must think about this all the time so that it becomes second nature.  you must keep moving and you must remain calm while you keep moving through life.  to be calm on the inside will allow you to appear calm on the outside.  others will approach you and they will try to upset your state of being calm.  this will be the main challenge to your efforts to remain calm.  you must then be as calm as you can ever wish to be.  you must take things in stride and trust the bigger picture that is in motion.  it is easy to remain calm when you are alone in a room.  the hard part is to remain calm when others come into your orbit.  if you can remain calm when challenged by others, then you can get closer to the state of complete calmness.  practice being calm and be ready for the challenges to come – because they will come.  your state of being calm determines your whole direction in life.