live near family

this is one of the keys to life.  you must live near some family.  make sacrifices to live near family.  we are on this earth for a short period of time and as you go through life, you quickly realize that it is family that will stick by you through everything.  yes you have friends and they are good to have – they provide another form of balance – but at the end of the day – you need that family – and you need that family nearby.  why nearby?  so you can experience life with them – so that you can have their support through the big things and the little things.  family enhances life, family makes life better, family gives you a reason to keep pushing on.  if all of your family is dead, then you shift this concept to friends.  but if you have some close family members still alive – pack up and move close to them now.  life is about living in the now while people are still alive – you need to live near them and you need to create memories – otherwise what is the point of living if not with your family nearby.  you might not get along with your family – still not an excuse to not live near them.  why- because if you have kids – it is good for them to live near your family – they need to grow up with some family around.  what is the point of living far away from your family – making more money?  not a good enough reason.  you could be laid off or drop dead tomorrow – where did more money get you? nowhere – because you have no family nearby to help you through the hard times.  get a grip and go live near family – otherwise you will regret it.  way back when – you were young and you loved your family.  because you are older now – does not change that one bit.  don’t judge – just love.  start packing.