be relentless

i have found that you need to be relentless in life to get what you want.  and even then it is not guaranteed that you will reach your goals.  that is how hard it is to get to where you think you need to be.  you have to be relentless in your actions to succeed.  you have to be a robot that keeps the pressure always on.  you have to not even think about it, you have to just do it – over and over and over.  and then hopefully you wake up one day with a feeling of hope that you are getting closer – that being relentless is the only way to get there.  you have to keep smiling and thinking the corner is coming – you will get to that corner and be able to look around to what is ahead.  right now you just see a long road ahead – you don’t see anything in the distance – you only see endless road.  you can’t stop because there is nothing to stop for – it would be pointless.  so you have to keep going on and on – you have to be relentless in this pursuit of finding a glimmer in the distance to reach for – finding a corner to the road.  it is the only way to live.  it is a painful way to live and sometimes a boring way to live.  but if you do stay relentless, if you do keep pushing no matter what – then you will reach a destination.  they say that you never reach a destination and i can believe that.  they say that the journey is the real destination, and i can believe that.  but there is complete satisfaction in completing the task you are on now.  it may not be the end of the journey, but it is a mindset to keep being relentless.  you will reach mini-destinations and you will feel satisfaction.  that is all we can hope for in life – to be satisfied.  to say in that moment “i am satisfied” and “i did it”.  and even if you don’t get satisfaction by not completing the task – the next best thing is being satisfied that you tried and that you were relentless.  that is all you can ask for from yourself in life and you can find satisfaction with that result as well.  we want to be satisfied and to be satisfied, we have to be relentless.  if you are relentless, regardless of the result, you will be satisfied.