you must always be safe.  you must always be alert to your safety and the safety of your loved ones.  take that extra step and watch out for your loved ones.  when a loved one is not able to always be safe, you must keep an eye out for them.  one lapse in your safety watch could mean life or death.  death can happen at any moment and it is always a surprise.  you will not be warned that death is near.  you will not have time to think about life or death.  you must not hesitate in the moment of life or death.  you must let your instinct take over.  you must act without thinking to save a life.  to avoid more moments like this, raise your alert level to a higher point.  make the conscious effort to look again – to watch out for your loved ones.  this will help prevent life or death moments.  without saying, safety is the key to living longer.  be on the lookout for danger at all times and you will be safe most of the time.