stop cursing

i have had a dirty mouth since i was a kid.  i used to curse all the time just like the kid from the bad news bears.  i even had my mouth washed out with soap at summer camp.  maybe it was because my parents were divorced and it was another way to express my frustration or get attention.  either way, i still curse a lot, especially when i drink.  i am sure people look at me and grimace when i do this.  the point is i need to stop doing this once and for all.  it only makes me look like a fool.  i recently realized that it is a childish thing to do and i need to stop acting like i did when i was a kid.  it is not good for my kids to see me cursing all the time.  i will stop cursing around other people and my kids.  i will, however, reserve the right to curse around other folks that curse and if needed in a business environment to fire someone up.  it is part of who i am and will not kill it off altogether.