meeting by chance

does not happen.  there are no such things as meeting someone by chance.  every encounter is not by chance, it is meant to happen, it is part of your path of destiny.  these could be brief encounters at the post office or sought after job interviews.  the point is – you were supposed to be at that place at that moment –and there is a reason for every meeting.  whether you see someone from long ago or you have just met them for the first time –these are not chance happenings.  these are markers along your own individual path – fulfilling your own individual destiny.  these “chance” encounters are sending you a message or a signal that you must interpret –and that you can interpret usually very easily.  you say to yourself –“yes, I know why I ran into that person today – it all makes sense now”.  each meeting gives you another piece of the puzzle – the puzzle of your life.  don’t be surprised when you come across someone – and that meeting leads to good things or bad things – this is what is supposed to happen.  you must take away what you can from each meeting – that is your job.  learn why you had that meeting and become wiser from it.