be content

with your life.  stop thinking about what your life might be in the future.  stop wishing away the present.  look around at all that you have now.  be grateful for what you have now – for who you have now in your life – for the laughs you have now in life – for the moments you have now in life.  you will never get what you want in the future until you are happy with what you have now.  i don’t know why it is so embedded in human nature – to want what others have, to want more that what you have, to dream of a better life – when the life you have now is the “better life”.  in every day that you live now, there are moments of joy and beauty.  when you sit at a table with your family and you talk, smile, laugh – you are experiencing the best things that life has to offer –ever.  it does not get any better than those moments –moments that you will yearn for in your dying hour.  why are there so many cliches about living now, living for the moment, live in the present – it is because they are true.  you just have to realize it.  you have to flip a switch in your mind to stop wishing and wanting –and start living.  because before you know it, your wish will come true – you will be in the future and you will only have regret then, for not stopping in time to flip the switch.