as you get older, life moves faster.  and as life moves faster, more pressures build upon your shoulders.  this will inevitably cause you to feel overwhelmed.  this is natural – it happens to every single person in this world and most people go through their entire lives feeling this way at some level or another.  however, you do not need to feel this way at all.  but it will take a conscious decision in your mind not to feel this way.  you must understand that you have a destiny in this life -we all do.  you must understand that you will fulfill this destiny if you keep moving yourself forward at all times.  don’t give up and just keep moving forward –and you will continue down your path of individual destiny.  and because you know that you have a destiny to fulfill if you stay on your path, then you don’t need to worry about being overwhelmed.  just tell yourself that you need to be calm -that there is no sense in feeling overwhelmed -that you are on a path of destiny -so feeling overwhelmed doesn’t make any difference.  it is pointless to feel overwhelmed when you look at life this way.  you have a destiny and these feelings do not change that destiny.  take a breath when you feel overwhelmed and understand that these feelings have no bearing on your life or your destiny.