the gift of love

when someone loves you, you need to be very aware of that fact when you are dealing with them on a daily basis.  because they love you, they will allow you to be negative towards them without any consequences.  this is a gift they have given you and you cannot abuse this gift of unconditional love.  and because you have this gift -this freedom to say what you want without consequences –you must be very careful not to abuse it.  to abuse this gift is very easy to do. you see no consequences, so you lash out without thinking –and this just causes you to create habits of not being nice –of putting all of your insecurities on this person –in the form of being mean.  this person will always love you and will never leave you.  this makes the gift of unconditional love even more fragile.  handle this gift with care and do not abuse this gift.  if you do, then your loved ones will suffer and in the end –so will you.  your life will have less meaning and you will be ashamed of your actions over the years.  stop abusing this gift now.