kissing ass part 2

i wrote about this topic in 2010, but now i understand it more.  we shouldn’t feel bad about kissing ass – it is part of the natural flow in this world.  essentially, everyone has to kiss someone’s ass –even if you are the president of the United States –you still have to kiss ass to get what you want.  thus, we should embrace the act of ass-kissing because in order to eventually get what we want or keep what we have, we need to kiss ass.  for example, you must kiss your boss’ ass, even if you are the best of friends –you still kiss it a little, so that you each know where the other officially stands.  your boss then kisses his/her boss’ ass and so on –  all the way to the top.  even when you want to tell your boss to “go to hell” – don’t do it –just bite your tongue and keep kissing ass.  this is what keeps the world on track.  if everyone didn’t bite their tongue a hundred times a year, we would all be living in chaos.  the world runs on kissing ass.  it has always been this way and will always be this way.  get used to it and don’t fight it.  just become the best ass kisser and watch your star rise!  one day, there will be more people kissing your ass than the asses you have to kiss -but you will always kiss ass.  the goal is to kiss less ass as you get older.