a boring day

yes, this is something that hits everyone’s mind –and does so quite often as well.  we have boring days –it is a fact.  we all have these days, even if you are in full swing at work or at home – the day can still be boring.  we call it boring because it seems to be a day that includes things we have done over and over – nothing new arises – at least nothing we think significant arises.  this causes us to think  that the day is a waste – that this day doesn’t mean anything in our lives.  we don’t like to think about the idea of wasting a day, since every day gone is one step closer to the end.  however, if you think about that boring day a little more –and you do the thinking on that boring day, you can see that the day does have significance.  it has it in this way.  you need to stop (which is easy on a boring day) –and you need to think about where you are and what you have in life at that moment.  when you do that, you realize that the boring day is actually a reflection of a state of happiness in your life.  you are bored because you have everything you need.  and i mean this on a emotional and human side of things –rather than a materialistic side.  you have the right people in your life and you have the right life on the personal side.  realize this concept and you will accept a boring day more easily –and it will allow you to think that you have not wasted a day.  however, you still want to accomplish more things in life and you don’t want to think that you wasted a day in your journey to have accomplishments.  but, here again, you must realize that life is a marathon and is not dictated by every action in every single day.  the key is to be patient and realize that boring days also are part of the journey to succeed in life.  bottomline: don’t let boring days leave a lasting negative impression in your life and think about what you have more on those boring days.