why be remembered?

you know why we should be remembered –because we go through this whole thing called life and then we just die in the end.  i mean what is the point of living if not to be remembered.  i guess if we only live for the moment, then that is why we don’t care if people remember us or if history remembers us.  i guess if we are not alive to see people remember us, then it doesn’t matter if we are not remembered –what do we care.  these are all good points and many can live by them–and die by them.  but, what if we want to convey what we learned to our kids and grandkids –and the rest of society –you know–so they can learn from what we learned in life.  this could be one very small reason why we should want to leave some things behind besides a will and a corpse.  we might also want our relatives, friends, etc to see what we looked like, to hear our words, to know what we thought about things.  perhaps this is a better reason to leave your mark behind.  the other reason might be to make sure history records your life the way you want it recorded.  this could give you some extra peace of mind on the way out.  for a few brief minutes of your time, would you do a few steps to be remembered by history?  would you take a few more steps beyond that to save things for your family and friends.  maybe —and maybe not.  after all, what do you care, really?  you will be dead and who cares when one is dead.  this is the question –do you care enough to care?