do it when you shouldn’t

you know what i mean?  not really??  ok –listen closely.  you know how most of the time you shouldn’t do things?  this could be because you shouldn’t waste the money or the time, right?  you need to save the money for a rainy day.  you need to be more conservative in your actions so that you are covered in the future.  that is all good –and is true for the most part.  but guess what?  you could drop dead tomorrow.  and you will know folks that do just that….too soon.  and each time someone does, you need to remind yourself that could have been you.  and all the fretting about not doing something because your shouldn’t –that all goes out the window.  so when you decide to throw that big bash at your house, but you could use the money for something else.  think about how you could drop dead tomorrow.  think about how you want to look back and say we had the most fun spending the money, when we shouldn’t have.  someone said all we really have is this moment right now.  we don’t have the past, we don’t have the future.  we have this moment right now.  so once in awhile you should live like you could drop dead tomorrow –because you could!  what is it all for?  it is for thinking about the future a bit –but it is also about thinking about now –it’s all you have that is guaranteed –right now.  go do it, go live.