we all have it –you must have it.  the daily routine of life is like a well-worn path that we follow every day.  it keeps us sane, it keeps us out of trouble, it keeps us alive.  we do it without thinking –we embrace each part of it.  it is not a complete line every day –but small bits and pieces that we go to for comfort and sanity.  it might be strongest in the morning –where you just follow along half asleep –or it might peak in the evening –pushing you towards sleep time.  events of the day take us off the routine –and that is wanted and embraced as well -we don’t want to get bored to death.  we do always get pulled back to parts of a routine –wake-up, shower, kids off, breakfast, coffee, emails –work -work -work -work –then go home, dinner, kids in bed, tv, read, sleep.  we need these bits of routine after a long vacation too.  you love vacation and getting out of routine –but then you long for that old routine –you don’t want to vacation all the time –you would get thrown off your course, you would fall out of moderation and into excess.  you need routine, you need moderation to reach your goals, to get to the end of the road in one piece, to live longer, to help your kids.  you need it, don’t deny it, embrace it!