wake up–you are being bullied!  if someone is intimidating you with their words or actions –you are being bullied.  if you think being bullied is the norm and suddenly your gut tells you something is wrong –then you need to listen to your gut and get out of the bullying situation.  sometimes you are engaged in an activity or sport –and you think that the experiences you are having are normal –but have no clue because it is your first time doing this activity or sport.  then one day a light bulb goes off that something is not right with this activity or sport –you feel fear or a need to be careful –which should not be the case –then you have stumbled upon an unusal situation where you could be under the influence of a bully –or someone that has a big ego and needs to prove this ego over and over.  now, this person on the whole might be a nice person –cracking jokes, etc –but when engaged in the activity or sport –goes beyond the norm –and inflicts pain on you –which is not the norm –then this is a bullying situation or ego pumping situation.  it is then not a controlled situation –and you could get hurt –so get out.  life is too short to hang around bullies.