this is it

we don’t look for “it” moments, but every once in a while you look around and say –“this is it”.  it could be a variety of things that trigger this feeling –and the fact that you have a chance to experience this moment means that you have glimpsed into what we all strive for –what we all work for –what we all live for –to have these moments -because before you know it –life is over and then we say–“why did we live” –well–you live for these “it” moments.  i had one last night –sitting by the fire, watching football, christmas tree all aglow, kids laughing, sipping some red wine, bing crosby singing “white christmas” sweetly in the background –this was my moment –this is what i lived for –this was perfect –what a feeling to sit there for a few moments and know that this was it –why we woke up, why we went to work, why we lived, why we never gave up –to have these moments.  that is all i have to say –just waiting for the next moment to come upon me –hope you have yours too -because without them, there is no purpose.