family talk

oh –the dreaded family gossip shit.  you think it will never hit your family–but it eventually will.  it is like a disease that you can always count on and it will never stop from coming to your family.  one day you are living in peaceful ignorant bliss, not realizing that just below the surface is this wave of family talk. it could be about you or it could be about your kids or it could be about your wife –who the hell knows.  you could actually never find out about this negative shit, especially if you live miles away from the epicenter.  but if you want to know what really is going on –take the plunge and move back home.  it will be painful, but at least the truth will eventually come out.  is it good for you –yes and no.  yes, because you can let others know that the shit aint true and no, because then life will never be the same –the last piece of innocence from your childhood will be gone and a piece of you will die with it.  you are now an adult marching down the path towards the end…might as well have a drink (or 2) on the way to soften this devastating blow (it’s about time you woke up!!!).  now your job is to keep your kids in bliss for as long as possible….oh, reality, oh reality….hello reality, hello.