no need for failure

laid-off, unemployed, kicked in the gut, thrown down –WTF, right? no, not right –this is not failure–this is a wake up call. you were done this way because it was time for a change. you did that job and now it is time for new challenges. wake up and smile because you just got a new life–have a beer, talk a run, have fun with the kids–be grateful that you were shaken from that deep sleep we call daily routine. this will get you to think more, this will get to to do more, this will make you stop and smell the roses. do you see it!! it is not failure, it is success–it is life–it is change that is needed to grow and push harder. it will make that long off day on the beach of retirement–a day to smile, because you were thrown down and you lived a better life because of it….no need for failure